Bird watching in Iceland
Iceland is a bird pandora´s box  for those that love bird watching.  The country is a wonderful nesting place because of  its location. There are huge breeding grounds and collies all around Iceland that contain  some of the best viewing places any where in the world  for bird lovers.   

Icelandic bird varieties.
Maybe the first image that comes to your mind when you think about Icelandic birds are  "Puffins" but Iceland has over 25 seabirds species that have been  recorded here. Most common  seabirds are Common Guillemot, Bunch Guillemot, the Razorbil, Gannet, Fulmar, Kittiwakes, Artic Tern and of course Puffins.  There are also many other birds that are interesting  like RedTthroated Diver, Great Northern Diver, Ptarmigan, Gyr Falcon, White-tail Eagle, Goose plus many species of ducks and Whooper Swans. Lake Myvatn is known as  the world capital of duck watching as  it has the greatest variety of breeding duck species in all of Europe. 

Season begins in April and May and  June is the best month to see the widest variety of species where  you can see up to 80 different species during this month.

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Northern lights in Iceland

The Northern Lights can be seen depending on a day to day basis and also depending on the Aurora forcast and and weather forcast. The Northern lights are a  spectacular natural phenomenon which happens during the winter months.These lights are also known as Aurora Borealis and  are caused by the interaction of particles from the sun with the upper atmosphere near the North Pole.  Best time to see them is during the winter months that is late August to April.  

Combination Fishing

Fly fishing in Iceland tour operator offers quite a large range of fishing trips all around the Island. VIP fishing in Iceland, small private groups, large groups, single guided trips,  or longer fishing trips all around Iceland can be provided.
Salmon fishing, trout fishing, sea trout fishing or char fishing is available to any interested and keen fisher person of any ages.
Drop us a line and tell us your needs and we do our best to make you journey pleasent. 

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More to do more to see

Gardar Thor Magnússon. The Weather man as we call him and he´s the guy that can take care of everything. Gardar was with Eiki in Hjálparsveitin some years ago.  Gardar is a man of many talents and many children (4). If you want to catch BIG trout then Gardar is your man. 

If the weather isn´t the best  then you can blame gardar because he works for The Icelandic Meteorological Office. 

Eiríkur Stefánsson ( Eiki) Has well over 20 years of fly fishing experience, he is a true trout expert can pick up trout and char  when no body else are getting any fish.

 Father of 3 children and his father was our Fly fishing  GODFATHER.  It actually cost extra to have Eiki as your guide, he´s not only good looking he´s also great fly fisherman.  Eiki was several years in the Icelandic rescue team called Hjálpasveitin so you are in good hands with him.

Meet our guides.
Gudmundur Atli Ásgeirsson ( Gummi) Owner and guide at Fly fishing in Iceland.

 One of the most important part of a fishing trip is a professional  guide.  As an advisor and confidante, we pride ourselves on the calibre and diverse expertise of our guides. Their proven aptitude and friendly approach to fly fishing and casting instructions will help ensure you have a successful trip.

Few words about me. I have over 18 year of guiding experience and I´m a lessee holder of two rivers, Laugardalsá and Fossá and owner of Fly Fishing in Iceland tour operator.

I´m father of two children, married,  got B.S. grade in Tourism and I´m a mad fly fishherman have fly fished for almost 30 years. 

About Fly Fishing Iceland

Fly fishing in Iceland sets the standards expected for professional and expertise fly fishing guides. Our guides all work hard, with patience and determination,

to give our guests a productive and memorable day of fishing. Our most senior guide has more than 18 year experience of Fly fishing guiding in Iceland. There is so much to do and see in Iceland, if your particular interest is fishing please make sure to click on the Salmon and Trout 'Tab' above for more details.

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