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About Us

The objectives of our company and our mission on the river are both simple and clear! Of first importance is the restoration and preservation of the environment to its original condition. Tundra habitat, in spite of all its power, is actually very fragile. On the banks of Belousiha we want to see ptarmigan, carpets of berries and dwarf birch trees bending in the wind; just as it has always been. And of course, our focus and the chief purpose of our endeavour is to ensure interesting fishing for the fabulous Atlantic salmon that return here every year.

Our plan is to stabilize and then increase the population of salmon entering the river – back to historic proportions. In addition to the daily protection of the river, we plan and coordinate a range of recreational activities to preserve and increase the population of these wild salmon. Fish numbers generally fluctuate naturally from year to year and such cycles also occur in this far northern habitat. But we believe that the average runs should increase and so far we are succeeding with this objective. Accounting data and statistics speak for themselves. Year by year, more and more fish are arriving. These are the real trophies for all our hard work.

Our mission is also to provide opportunities for anglers to enter this pristine natural environment; to breathe and savor the delicate perfume of this wild birch tundra; and to step into the crystal clear waters and pit their wits against these magnificent wild fish. The Belousiha River is one of the first rivers to be launched under an official state program for sport fishing. For a long time the river was open to all and unlicensed fishers took salmon from the river indiscriminately. As a result, the number of salmon in the river fell away dramatically. However, as a result of our work in recent years the river has gradually reverted to its original condition. We introduced rangers to protect the salmon, organised licenses for sports fishermen and implemented a policy of catch and release. Employees of our company have made every effort to ensure that on the banks of Belousiha have finally lost all traces of evidence that were witness to the previous period of public use. The power of nature has also helped us in this mighty task. 

"We love our river and the fish in it. And we are sure that if you come to visit us, you will soon share our love for Belousiha and Atlantic salmon that swim here."

River Belousiha
On the Kola Peninsula there are many rivers. Salmon run up most of them and all Kola rivers are wonderful in their own way. For the Belousiha, its uniqueness lies in its "simplicity". At first glance there is nothing difficult or complicated about access. It is only 150 km from Murmansk by car.

No helicopters or water craft are needed to reach the pools. You can walk down to the river from the lodge, step into the water and catch fish. In Kola terms, it is this accessibility that makes it unique. And here it is possible to apply all the traditional river craft and cunning of the thoughtful angler. Each promontory, each pool, each cast even - is a new adventure.

Each response from the fish provokes anglers to adapt and modify their approach. Belousiha – is a river both for the experienced and the novice. Novice fly fisherman can learn to read the river and make their tackle perform in obvious and easily managed sections of the river. More experienced rods get pleasure from studying the river and trying for fish on overlooked lies.

River Belousiha on the Kola Peninsula

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