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WindCroft Salmon Flies-Cork Ireland

Kevin Brady. Irish Fishing Trips. 20 plus years fishing Salmon and Trout, in Ireland , Canada and Iceland.

Seems like a life time, but to me, 'fishing is the ultimate sport'. Join us on a Guided Fishing Trip with Irish Fishing Trips and experience the thrill of a lifetime.

Our Destinations:


Fish the Fraser river in British Columbia,Canada and possibly catch all five species of Pacific Salmon. Chum-Pink-Sockeye-Coho- King.

The White Sturgeon(Acipenser transmontanus) .This is the fish that will sort the 'men from the boys'. At Irish Fishing Trips we can 'hook you' into one of these monsters you could possibly catch one weighing well over 800 LB +, 10 feet long and possibly over 100 years of age.

Our chosen Canadian  partners:

BC Sports Fishing Group, Fraser River, British Columbia &

Our chosen Canadian  partners:

West Coast Adventure Tours, Pacific Ocean, Northwest Coast of British Columbia – Douglas channel – Kitimat river – Skeena river – Kemano river – Kildala river – Gilttoyeese river – Remote Coastal rivers.


Is a destination one has to visit even if you never did any fishing. A  land of contrasts both glacial and volcanic, the fishing varies from glacial rivers to highland lake fishing . Atlantic Salmon, Arctic Char, Sea Trout and monstrous Brown Trout.

Our chosen Icelandic partners:

Fly Fishing Iceland


River Belousiha,on the Kola Peninsula there are many rivers. Salmon run up most of them and all Kola rivers are wonderful in their own way. For the Belousiha, its uniqueness lies in its "simplicity". At first glance there is nothing difficult or complicated about access. It is only 150 km from Murmansk by car.

No helicopters or water craft are needed to reach the pools. You can walk down to the river from the lodge,

Our chosen Russian  partners:

 Belousiha River Lodge

Fishing trips with Irish FishingTrips.com

Please take time to explore our website, visit all the navigation tabs above, get to understand what various fishing trips that are available .

We at Irishfishingtrips.com can organise an all inclusive  fishing package that will suit you from the selection of our partner 'guiding companies' that we have being  closely working with. Normally trips are seven days. seven nights  accommodation on a B&B basis , six days fishing. For more details about one of our partner guiding companies or to discuss organising a fishing trip.





Our Canadian Agents-Located in Kitimat, on the Pacific Northwest Coast of British Columbia.

West Coast Adventure Tours

Our Russian Agents, koala Peninsula , Russia

Our Icelandic Agents

Our Canadian Agents-Fraser River British Columbia

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BC Sportfishing Group


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