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Plan your Fishing Trip
Irishfishingtrips can organise a complete all inclusive package to suit your needs. Flights, accommodation, Salmon Fishing, Sturgeon Fishing or both.
A typical fishing trip would consist of  7 nights accommodation on a B&B basis , collection from Vancouver airport and return, 6 days fishing,  prices are based on 4 to a boat, your guide stays with you on the river  to help and advise  and make your trip enjoyable. Collection each day from your hotel and return each evening. All fishing rods, waders,  lures, flies, fishing licences, pack lunch and soft drinks are included.

Salmon or Sturgeon
You decide how you want to spend the week, to have a choice is good, if for some reason the rivers are not fishing well for Salmon on a particular day one can try for a 1,000 + White Sturgeon.

Help us learn more about these amazing fish!
All guided sturgeon fishing trips with BCSFG will include the sampling, tagging, and releasing of all white sturgeon caught as per our ongoing commitment to the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society.

 For years BC Sport Fishing Group has been hosting film crews and outdoor writers. Many come back often as our consistent ability to showcase the area and all it has to offer! Famous Uk angler, author and presenter John Wilson has fished over 100 days with BCSFG and National Geographic Zeb Hogan has joined us for filming and articles on 3 separate occasions.

Sturgeon fishing

Sturgeon fishing holidays in BC offer one of the most popular guided sport fishing experiences that can be found anywhere.  Sturgeon fishing on the Fraser River and Harrison River provide calm water sport fishing year round. The size and power of the white sturgeon are hard to imagine, often these amazing dinosaurs will jump several times during battle before coming in for a quick tag, measurement photo and release. To Date BC Sport Fishing Group has tagged over 40 % of the more than 46,000 Sturgeon that have been tagged for the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society.
Our commitment to sustainability and conservation is well documented and our ongoing commitments to our natural resources make us the clear leader in the guided sport fishing industry today! Our Sturgeon fishing charters can be booked any time as we have 22 boats and are open every day except Christmas day. Advance bookings are recommended as we do sell out some seasons up to 6 months in advance.

Sturgeon Fishing

Sockeye Salmon

Are the most plentiful of the BC Pacific Salmon, each year literally millions of these acrobatic silver bullets enter the Fraser River, Sockeye are very streamlined and battle extremely well, often spending more time in the air than in the water. The Sockeye average 4 to 8 pounds, and are considered ''Great Table Fare''. Due to the nature of these fish, openings vary from year to year, with August marking the peak of their return.

Prime Times: July-September

Pink Salmon  

Run on odd years , 2011, 2013, 2015  etc' and average 3 to 5 pounds. These salmon are aggressive biters and can be readily taken on the fly as well as other methods. 

 Prime Times: September-October

               1. Salmon Fishing                                      2. Sturgeon Fishing

Salmon Fishing

Chum Salmon

Are so plentiful during the fall that local anglers find them a nuisance when seeking more preferred species such as Coho Salmon. Chum ranging up to 20 pounds are terrific fighters especially on the fly.

Prime Times: October-December

Coho Salmon

Fishing is a way of life on the local rivers during the fall, with huge runs coming in on rivers such as the Chilliwack and Chehalis. These smaller systems allow the use of very light tackle or fly equipment. Coho fishing in BC is a sportsman's dream. Coho are very challenging, one day they grab anything, while other they ignore even the best offerings. If it is a challenge you want, this is an excellent sport fish.

 Prime Times: September-December

Chinook Salmon or Spring (King) salmon,

The largest of the salmon species, grow to over 60 lbs. Strong fighters they can spool 200 yards of 30 lb. line before you know it. Chinook are famous for their great energy reserves, the power these fish have is awesome. Sizes range from 15 to 60 pounds averaging 25.

Prime Times: June-October

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