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Fishing Tackle recommendations

Unlike many salmon rivers of the Kola Peninsula on the river Belousiha you do not need double handed rods. At the most you might want to use a ‘switch rod’ in the # 6 - # 7 class. But for the most thrilling experience of catching our salmon we recommend single hand rods from # 4 - # 7 class. Choosing the right rod is of course directly related to the time of year and the water level in the river. In the high summer month and at the end of the season, we suggest a light approach. The river is generally low at this time and the salmon often lie in mirror smooth glides. In such places, a quiet and delicate approach and presentation are essential for the salmon to cooperate.

Fly selection depends on the season. Almost all the well known patterns used on the Kola Peninsula can succeed on Belousiha. At the beginning of the season, when there is often big water, flies tied on copper tubes and tungsten cones can work well. The river has a lot of deep holes with strong currents and a heavily weighted fly in sometimes essential to provoke a take. At any time during the season, you should be open to trying dry flies and ‘hitch’ flies. The river has calm sections with wooded shores and smooth glides. In such places, surface flies will very often work.

It is advisable to make choose light lines for delicate presentation in the summer. More than 5 to 7 weight lines are rarely needed. Floating lines with various polytips will serve most situations but full sinking lines or sink tips can occasionally be pressed into use. During the summer, when the river is low the wary fish reacts to everything that happens on the surface of the water. At these times, only a quiet presentation of the fly on the water will bring success.

Fishing reports for Belousiha River Lodge 2014

Fishing Report 5th – 12th July 2014

This week was fished by anglers from Scandinavia and Russia. It was also this week that the RTG television crew captured on film many useful tips and methods for catching salmon on Belousiha.
This week the weather began to revert to its seasonal norms. The water level gradually started to fall, and the water temperature began to rise. A couple of days early on this week were affected by strong summer sunshine and hot weather. Salmon still ran the river on every tide, although not in very large groups. Salmon lies were distributed throughout the length of the river and this distribution was reflected in catches.
On bright, sunny days, salmon were caught mainly in the morning and in the evening. On cloudy days, activity was constant throughout the day.

This week’s most successful patterns included Cascades tied on gold hooks, Yellow Monkeys dressed on plastic tubes and Black Frances patterns with tungsten cones. On some warmer days the salmon came up well to small Bombers fished dry.

The TV crew gathered some excellent material for transmission, including great footage of salmon tilting up to take dry flies. TV presenter Dmitry Drozdov managed to land a few decent fish himself. According to him, the time spent on Belousiha will long remain in his memory....

2. Fishing Report 2nd – 9th August
In August, typical summer weather for the Kola Peninsula finally arrived. The air temperature was not critically hot and the water in the river was low, but not disastrously so. The water warmed to 16-18 degrees and Salmon accumulated in deeper holes, whilst making periodic visits to fast, streamy water.
This week the river became so full of salmon that it was possible to study the lies more carefully. It was clear that the salmon’s preferences had changed a great deal since the early part of the season. Now many fish were resting in flat sections of the river where the water is almost still. We now believe the reason to be some cold water springs in these sections. The salmon are cooled by these flows and will defend these areas vigorously until it is time to spawn. And although it is now well into the season, silver, fresh run fish are still arriving and building up in the lower river. It was
this week that we also noticed the first seatrout, arriving in small groups.
Also at this time, our friends Yury and Dimitry came to fish. They knew the river well from early season visits but this time they came with the intention of catching salmon Icelandic style.
They fished with 4 weight rods, long leaders and made short accurate casts. All their flies were tied on hooks ranging from 12’s down to 16’s. A choice of tackle more appropriate for catching parr!  They fished the wider stretches, wherever they found a broad mirror like surface. The key to success in such conditions proved to be delicate presentation. The fish were very finicky and easily spooked. This has been quite a feature of this year’s fishing.

During this week, the salmon were mostly caught on very small flies: Collie Dog, Yellow Monkey, Haugur, Green Butt and Undertaker. But they also responded well to dry fly and Bomber patterns did well.

River Belousiha
On the Kola Peninsula there are many rivers. Salmon run up most of them and all Kola rivers are wonderful in their own way. For the Belousiha, its uniqueness lies in its "simplicity". At first glance there is nothing difficult or complicated about access. It is only 150 km from Murmansk by car. No helicopters or water craft are needed to reach the pools. You can walk down to the river from the lodge, step into the water and catch fish. In Kola terms, it is this accessibility that makes it unique. And here it is possible to apply all the traditional river craft and
cunning of the thoughtful angler.

Each promontory, each pool, each cast even - is a new adventure. Each response from the fish provokes anglers to adapt and modify their approach.
Belousiha – is a river both for the experienced and the novice. Novice fly fisherman can learn to read the river and make their tackle perform in obvious and easily managed sections of the river. More experienced rods get pleasure from studying the river and trying for fish on overlooked lies.

Geographical Location
The Belousiha River is located in the Kola Peninsula. Its water is always crystal clear regardless floods and rain. The river flows out of a system lakes close to the northern coast of the Barents Sea from which inter connected channels combine. These lakes hold brown trout, char, grayling and native whitefish. After falling through many small rapids, shoals and long reaches, the Belousiha flows into the River Veronya. The length of the river to the confluence with the River Veronya is 12 km. Throughout its length, the river constantly changes character. The Belousiha River is unusual in that precipitation does not affect the transparency of the water. Even in the most inclement weather, the river will still offer many places suitable for fishing. Even at the beginning of the season during high water, there are many fishable places for those seeking our massive springers.

The  Belousiha is a tributary of the Veronya, up which huge numbers of Atlantic salmon make their way from the sea. These waters were badly damaged during the Soviet era and for a period they were in a terrible condition. But the genetic memory of the salmon is strong. Every year now, the salmon still run up the Veronya and its chief tributary - Belousiha. And quite a few of them are huge – an unusual phenomenon in such a small river. 

The uniqueness of the river
One of the special attractions of the Belousiha is that there are many places where the angler can see resting salmon and enjoy the spectacle of the salmon in the river. It is a river highly regarded by anglers familiar with Iceland where there are also crystal clear streams and opportunity to observe fish on their lies. Belousiha is in some ways similar to such Icelandic streams but with bigger fish and in a far more picturesque setting. For the most part, the river is just 15-40 meters wide which it makes it ideal for fishing with a single handed rod – even though multi sea-winter salmon are always present. Every season, anglers regularly land fish well in excess of one metre in length! This is a very special place to try for an extremely large Atlantic salmon. Traditionally, most fishermen looking for an extra large spring fish will concentrate on the lower part of a river. However, the Belousiha may be unique in as much as the largest, early
salmon are often hooked on the upper parts of the river. At any time of the season trophy salmon can be found throughout the length of the river.

Species of fish living in the river 
Belousiha holds grayling, trout, salmon and sea trout. From mid-August onwards, the sea trout arrive in huge shoals. Brown trout are distributed throughout the system and respond well to dry fly tactics. Belousiha is one of only a very few rivers of the northern coast of the Kola Peninsula, that boasts a big head of Arctic grayling.

The Fishing Experience