Gaula is one of the best salmon rivers in Norway and flows into the sea near Trondheim. Gaula is famous for its big size salmon, the biggest ones are around 20 kilos. The average size of salmon is 5-7 kg. The annual salmon catch from the Gaula River in good year varies between 30-50 tons.

The Gaula Fly Fishing Lodge is a prolific private 6,6 km long Gaula fly fishing beat is located in middle part of the Gaula River, near Stören, up and downstream of the mighty Gaulfossen. The beats consist several of the best fly fishing pools of River Gaula – Sanden, Bruahölen, Vollan, Röskaft, Stasjonshölen and Evjen. Biggest fish of the beat is 20,8 kg salmon caught on Bruahölen pool. Seven year average catch from our Gaula Fly Fishing beats is 232 salmon and 24 Sea Trout per season.

The guests will fish our beautiful, private Gaula Fly Fishing beats situated in middle Gaula, downstream from Stören in Hovin and Lundamo about 30-40 km from the sea. The beats consist of 5,0 km of East bank and 1,6 km of West bank of the famous Gaula River. Maximum number of persons fishing at the same time on these beats is 12-24 depending on the week. The guests are divided in 3-6 groups of 4 persons each. The stretches of river are divided in 6 fly fishing beats.

Beat 1: Rostad and Sanden pools. Beat 2: Bruahölen, Svingen and Rönningen pools. Beat 3: Vollan and Röskaft pools. Beat 4: Stasjonshölen pool. Beat 5: Evjenöra and Evjen pools. Beat GT: Gyllteigen and Gyllsaga pools. Every group of 4 persons has their own beat at a time. The beats are rotated between fishing groups every six hours.

Röskaft Söndre (Beat RS) Beat will be a part of the Gaula Fly Fishing Lodge rotation fishery on 8th-22nd June and again from the end of July until the end of August in weeks 31-35. The beautiful Röskaft Söndre beat is approx 1 km long and is located 1 km below Gaulfossen on the East (Right) side of the Gaula, about 30 km from the sea. The Röskaft Söndre (RS) beat consists of two 200 m and 700 m long pools and short fast rapids between them, it is a very famous and prolific beat and fishes well all water levels.