Experience Swedish Lapland in all its glory chasing the fabled big Baltic Salmon. These special fish are one of the hardest fish to catch and land on a fly rod, they are the ultimate test of any Salmon anglers patience, endurance and skill. This sort of fishing is not for the faint hearted, but the rewards don't get any greater than this!

Kengis Bruk is a classic private fly fishing beat on the Torne river, the most northern river in Sweden and is also the largest free flowing river in all of Europe with Salmon runs up to 100,000 a season. The self catering lodge is situated just 50m from the famous Kengis Rapids that drops 20m over the course of a furious 600m run. Above and below the rapids is a Salmon anglers dream for fly fishing pools holding big fish.

We can accommodate up to 6 guests per week, prices include private fishing on 2.5km single bank, twin room (3) self catering accommodation and a lodge manger/ghillie.

Travelling to Kengis Bruk requires a connecting flight from Stockholm Arlanda to either Luleå or Kiruna airport and hire cars to the lodge. We are above the polar circle and 24 hours of sunlight for most of the season, so prepare for a real adventure.